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National Virtual Incubator (NVI)


Are you a startup, entrepreneur or student looking to get your knock-out business idea off the ground?

Then the National Virtual Incubator network can provide you with a platform where you can connect and collaborate with people who can help you get your business up and running.

The NVI is your gateway to making the most of your business. The NVIs are a collection of UK-wide venues – we call them nodes - where startups can connect with fellow entrepreneurs, potential investors and communities of academics, researchers and innovators. With them, you can be part of a community and share ideas and knowledge, whenever you want to.

Pulling this network together is Cisco collaboration technology. Tools like TelePresence help you connect and collaborate virtually, with the right people at the right time (regardless of physical location). This means you can develop your concepts quickly while they’re fresh, innovative and unique. Plus, you can link up with experts in business development within research teams, higher education colleges and science parks, as well as potential financial sponsors.

You can also attend virtual events remotely with video conferencing, so you’re no longer bound by location. And because all of our the NVI nodes are supported by UK, a super-fast network, you’ll have direct and open channels to like-minded people. So now you can connect in a faster, wider and more meaningful way, something we know is a real asset to all startups.


We have many NVI nodes in a wide range of locations across the UK. Drop into your local centre or find your nearest one here. Each NVI node connects field experts and specialists so that you can access skills and resources in a range of different areas.

The program aims to help startups get off the ground across the whole of the UK – not just centred on London’s Tech City, but expanding into a Tech Country. And collaborative technology is at the heart of making it happen. Centres are being added all the time – so don’t worry if you can’t find a place close to you, just yet. We’ll be opening more NVI nodes throughout the UK in the near future.

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Introducing IDEALondon

We’d like to see you at IDEALondon - a NVI innovation centre created by Cisco, DC Thompson and UCL. Here you can access programs and facilities to accelerate your business, in the heart of Tech City – a cluster of technology enterprises and projects located in East London.



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